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List Building, A Chore? But It Pays Big Dividends

By Tom Taylor

Mistakes can be costly!  Trust me, I’ve made my share.

When I was younger and in college I spent a great deal
of time studying karate.  If you made a mistake there
it usually resulted in a fair amount of pain.

My Sensei encourage us to learn from our mistakes, but
better yet, learn from the mistakes of others (far less

I can save you a lot of pain by sharing with you my
biggest Internet Marketing mistake.


Listbuilding Academy

I chased one shiny “Money Maker” after another.  Most
never made me a cent.  A few paid a little (but not even
minimum wage).

Finally, a year ago I got serious about building a list,
and today I have over 30,000 that I communicate with.

Needless to say they are all, like you, interested in
making money through the internet.  Most are willing
to invest their money into perusing their goal.

The bottom line is that if you have a list of hungry
people, that are eagerly waiting for your next email,
you will also have a steady income.

Listbuilding Academy

You will have your own built in source of targeted traffic.
You won’t have to worry about the next Google update,
and whether it will shut down your online business.

With some expert guidance you can be well on your way to
the steady income a targeted list can provide.

Listbuilding Academy

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