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Passwords, User ID and Logins

By Tom Taylor

If you have ever forgotten or misplaced a login URL or your user ID or your password you know the problem I’m going to address.

The answer is to first admit to yourself that you can’t be expected to remember all the stuff for the wired world.  My solution is to set up a CICF file (Critical Information Control File).  This is where you record all of the URL’s of the login pages, User IDs and passwords for the many places you will encounter on the internet.

I just use a simple notepad file. Notepad can be found on almost every computer by clicking on the “Start” button, then mouse over the “All Programs” area at the bottom left and wait for your computer to populate the list for you.  Roll your mouse over to “accessories” and a window will open and you will see on the list “notepad”. Click on it to open it.  It is a good idea to make lots of notes for yourself when doing projects in notepad and save them in the same folder as your project is.  Very handy when you come back to a project at a later date and can’t remember the details.

Keep this file save on your computer in a safe place where other users are not likely to access it.  Another idea is to email the file to yourself as an attachment.  If you have a web based email then you can access your CICF file from any computer through your email account.  You would have to constantly update the file.

The sooner that you start your CICF file the less likely you will be pulling your hair out over something in the future.

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