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Choosing A WYSIWYG HTML Editor

By Tom Taylor

WYSIWYG is an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get”

A Quick search on Google will give you a number of choises.  There are the more popular paid versions of Front Page or Adobe Dreamweaver.  But if you are looking for a FREE version take a look at Kompizer or  Sothink.  I started with Sothink and I continue to use it because I am familiar with it.

In Sothink editor you are allowed only one piece of work open at a time (the $20.00 paid version lets you have several pages open at a time).  There are 3 tabs in the lower left of your working window that let you view your work in HTML (just the code) for mat, The WYSIWYG or Design format and the Preview format.  The Preview format shows you how it will look when viewed through a browser.

Once you have your editor downloaded and opened, just type a few things on the screen.  You can chose many features from the control bar at the top as you move along. Such as right, left or center justification.  You can choose the font and color of the text.  just scroole over the various features in the control bar and a little description tag will pop up.

Something you might want to learn and practice right off the start is to work with the feature called Tables.  You will find this extremely useful in structuring your page and controlling the positioning of the various elements yu will want to incorporate into your page. You can create tables within tables to give yourself the control you need to make things appear where you want them.

As you add things to your work, have a look at the HTML code that is producing the page. At first it will seem a incomprehensible jumble.  But after a while you will pick out bits of code that are causing the specific effects.  Your goal here is not to be able to write code from scratch, but to identify the bits of code that are responsible for the various elements on your page.  It just takes time for this to all sink in.

A great place to study any of these topics is the W3schools home site.  There are tutorials on a huge variety of web authoring subjects.

So get started and good luck!

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