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Easy Access To Your Passwords

By Tom Taylor

An important file to create and maintain is a Critical Information Control File (CICF) that you keep all of the log in URLs, user names and passwords for the many sites that you are likely to subscribe to.  This file will be available to you while you are on your computer.  However when you are away from your computer it is good to carry a fresh copy of the file on a small memory stick (do not lose your memory stick).  It is best to erase the file when you return back to your main computer.  Sometimes you will not have your memory stick with you.  At times like these it is good to have a web based email account and send yourself your CICF.  Keep sending fresh copies of the file to your web based email account, getting rid of the older ones.  Save this file to a special folder in your account.

This way you can always have access to this information mo mater where you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Preparation for eventualities will serve you well.  Having a fall back position or solution can often save your day.

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