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Web Mail or Local Mail?

By Tom Taylor

You will immediately see that I’m not a big fan of having your email on your own computer based system.  Programs like Eudora or Outlook allow you to read and store emails right on your own personal computer.  While this might seem  convenient and secure it can have many drawbacks.

Remember that if you are like most of us you don’t gave a whole IT team to keep your computer safe and functioning.  consider that you might get a virus on your computer and that all data (your emails included) could be altered, damaged or deleted.  Even if you can get some IT to remove the virus you might be without email access for hrs or even days.

There are several options for the average person.  If you maintain your own web site you will no doubt have email privileges through your hosting account.  Setting up an email there is straight forward using cPanel (the control panel for most web servers these days).

The other alternative and the easiest is to get a free email account with major providers like Hot Mail ,  G mail or Yahoo. All of these provide extremely good service and FREE to boot.

They can be accessed from any computer with internet access.  If your computer is down with a virus or any other issue you can easily receive and send emails from any other computer you might have access to.

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