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Choosing Your domain Name

By Tom Taylor

What will your website be about?  Fishing, Sales of a new or old widget, a new service for local customers or for world wide customers.

Your domain name should tell your visitors something about what to expect to find on your website.  However you may opt to choose an easy to remember name, that may not convey the site content.

Google and the other search engines give extra bonus points to domains that include the search term that you are targeting.  For instance if you are in the plumbing business in Denver called Equinox Plumbing and Heating and the domain is available, you might be tempted to grab it.  However the new customers that you want to attract don’t have a clue about what the name of your business is.  You are hopping that they will be able to find you with a search on a search engine like Google.

Now ask yourself what search terms are they likely to use if they are searching for the services you provide?  Most likely something like “Denver plumbers” “plumbers in Denver” “emergency plumber Denver”.  Unless they already know about you from other promotion efforts that you undertaken, they are likely to use search terms similar to those above.

Consider the domain “denverplumber” or “plumberindenver”if one of them is available.  Then inside the website you can promote the exact name of your business.

If you have an affiliate product that your are promoting, determine the keywords associated with the product and the related traffic for each keyword (see Google Keyword Tool).  Then search to see if the domain is available in .com .net or .org extensions.  Using a domain name like this will give you a leg up with Google.

Of coarse you will have to do all the other SEO magic work to help advance your domain in the eyes of the search engines.

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