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Optimize Your Website

By Tom Taylor

Unless you’re one of the Big Dogs out there with money to burn don’t go chasing after highly competitive keywords. Let those with lots of money  slug it out for Googles attention.

And how can you determine if a keyword (or phrase) is highly competitive?  There is a free search tool provided by Google.  Search Google for “Google Keyword Tool”. You can enter your keywords there and Google will show the best available search statistics you will ever be able to find.  When there are hundreds of thousands of searches for a keyword, its likely too competitive.

Ideally your site should be focused on one keyword or keyword phrase only (pages within your site can be optimized for related keywords).

The Google Keyword Tool will show you search results for your keyword and 100 other related keywords.

To determine the level of competition you are facing if you try to optimize for a keyword, use the regular Google search engine page.  Enter your keyword between a set of quotes like “dog training”.  Google will give you the number of pages they have indexed that contain the exact phrase in the same word order.  Some pages may just contain the phrase in passing and are not really competition at all.

Now to dig deeper and find out how many websites contain your keyword in the title of the page (a real measure of the intentions of the webmaster) you need to do a specialized search.  use the following search in the regular Google search engine  “allintitle: Keyword”. So if you are searching for dog training the search string would be, “allintitle: dog training” without the quotes.  This will give you the number of sites that have the keyword right in the title.  These sites are targeting the keyword and are your real competitors.  If this number is under 30,000 you can expect good results with a little effort.

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