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Keywords and Google

By Tom Taylor

You can’t just aimlessly inject your keywords into the content of your site.  It needs to “Read Well” to those that have English as a first language.  Google has a way of looking at your site to see if it is truly about your keyword.  If for instance your site is about horse training and you are targeting the keyword “snaffle bit”, Google will like to see “snaffle bit” in your page title and in the body of the page at the rate of 3 to 5 % of the words.  However Google also looks for related keywords like horse, bridle, hooves, saddle and the like.

There is a very useful too to discover these pools of connected keywords.  It is a little free program called “Dupe Free”.  While extremely useful to discover duplicate content between articles, it has a feature that will show the associated keywords to your main keyword.  The LSI (latent semantic indexing) that’s Google uses helps them to reassure that a sight is really about a specific keyword.  In other word, you must have a good deal of other related keywords on your page to give Google the confidence to rank you for your intended keyword.

Remember the person doing the search belongs to Google.  If Google gives them good search results they will continue to use Google as their search engine of choice.  Be sure your site has the content that “Google’s Customer” is looking for.

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